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By "audio fingerprinting", do you mean digital file identification? About 14 years ago I downloaded a lot of music from a Japanese independent radio site - they were playable on the site as .rma files, but I was unable to find the actual .rm files, so I recorded them in real time using total recorder, saved them as wav files, then converted them to mp3. As I couldn't read much Japanese at the time and online translators weren't particularly good, many of these songs were mysterious mp3s with no song or artist information, until I discovered that even after all the conversions, I could click "autotag" in winamp and it could identify them. I found that pretty amazing.

There's no chance of striking a deal with the new owners of Gracenote? According to wikipedia, Sony sold Gracenote to Tribune Company earlier this year. Or is there some reason for not wanting to use Gracenote? I have no experience using MusicBrainz, but my main concern is that its autotag/file identification system is as fluent in Japanese as Gracenote is.

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