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I don't blame DrO for not wanting anything to do with Gracenote. Though Gracenote has a new owner, they're still an independent subsidary. That means no matter who is the owner of Gracenote, the developer zone guidelines won't change. The problem I have with Gracenote is the way they determine whether developers are considered commercial or non-commercial. Because there is a both a free and pro version of Winamp, Gracenote is more that likely say the developers of Winamp are commercial, though Gracenote software would be a free feature and not a premium feature. If MusicBrainz was used instead of Gracenote, I believe the MetaBrainz Foundation would also consider Winamp developers commercial, but would only ask 10% profits made from the pro version to be donated. MusicBrainz is a better option for being a free feature of Winamp over Gracenote.
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