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that's assuming there will still be a pro version - though the Gracenote provided functionality was in the free and pro versions so whatever happens with the versions, it really needs to be maintained in the free option. either way, using setups based on musicbrainz ids makes things simpler in the long run if needing to swap / change the services used (since so many accept / require them) instead of being Gracenote specific. which we've been using for over a decade and i'm sure that for a lot of people it was good to use them, but as the top cause of crashes and bloat in the installer and personally getting bad results too often as well as the underlying cost of things (AOL might have been willing to absorb the costs [especially when it was used across multiple products and systems on their side] but it's not viable now), it's time to move on and we'll have to see what comes out of the decisions and research in things that is being made.
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