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Just to let you know that there is a viable workaround that has worked flawlessly for me so far. You need Google Chrome and Chrome Remote Desktop extension. Once you've set up your Chrome Remote Desktop, make sure that you allow your computer to be remotely accessed. Weirdly, you are allowed to "remotely" access the same computer that you are using (i.e. the local and remote computer is one and the same) and then you can cast that tab to the Chromecast. Then you can open Winamp, turn off your PC speakers (but don't mute Windows obviously) and because Chrome Remote Desktop shares your audio output too, the sound will come out of the TV with the Chromecast.

Unfortunately, this is only any good for Audio, as video output on a casted tab of Remote Desktop is poor quality, so it isn't any good for the visualiser, etc.

So, to re-iterate

1. Install Chrome Remote Desktop for Google Chrome
2. Set up access to and from your PC (and don't forget the PIN/Password you'll need)
3. Access your PC using the same PC (hence, infinite desktops)
4. Cast the remote dekstop tab to the Chromecast
5. Mute/turn off the PC Speakers but not Windows audio
6. Play Winamp.
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