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I have never used aWAR, but I will certainly look into it.

After seeing a previously post about RadioDJ, I took a look at it and while it seems more powerful as it is more database oriented, I felt it was overkill for my purposes and it looks like crossfades need to be set manually for each song, which is next to impossible with 10s of thousands of files.

The crossfade plugin I find more suitable is SqrSoft Advanced Crossfading. It crossfades in real time on the fly without setting custom points for each song.

The crossfade 'trigger' is based on audio levels rather than time, so songs which fade out slowly will have more of a crossfade than songs which end abruptly. Also, you can set minimum and maximum crossfade times.

The plugin comes with a few presets to get your feet wet and, with a little trial and error, you can set it to crossfade like a professional DJ. The presets also help with different types of music... just play with it until you get what you want with the type of music you listen to. (I can give you the settings I use, if you're interested.)

The problem with many audio players which crossfade is they want to use a set amount of time globally to crossfade all audio files. Often time it fails miserably.

I use crossfaded music it for background music both at home and the office and I find the gaps between songs distracting so I want a continuous flow and SqrSoft does that.

Note that it does NOT do beat matching, but that is not important for what I use it for. (I'm not making dance mixes, I just want a non-stop radio station which plays what I want to hear without ads, talk or promos.)

I hope this helps.

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