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Originally Posted by Wordsmythe View Post
After seeing a previously post about RadioDJ, I took a look at it and while it seems more powerful as it is more database oriented, I felt it was overkill for my purposes and it looks like crossfades need to be set manually for each song, which is next to impossible with 10s of thousands of files.
Not at all RadioDJ sets the intro and outro points of a track on Import. (OK so its 99.9% fool proof the odd song may still need tweaking) on the whole cue points should be done automatically.

Yes its got a database that's one of its big plus points. If you backup everyday you never lose all of your songs.

Our database is approaching 3 years old and its rare I have to do any maintenance on it (unless there's a power cut and it needs repairing)

The problem with many audio players which crossfade is they want to use a set amount of time globally to crossfade all audio files. Often time it fails miserably.
I find RadioDJ crossfades amazingly at times Its all about knowing the correct settings

There's no reason to be afraid of a program that needs a database!

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