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RayLine NSV Streamer 1.1.2 has been Released!

We are still working on some minor bug fixes that have come up and were able to be fixed thanks to my Debugger that is now built into RayLine NSV Streamer.

Fixed an Overflow related to Winsock in NSVx causing a Debug Exception Window for Line Marker 8820 Error 6 (NSVx wasn't monitoring output buffers during transmit which could cause an overflow, rare but happens).

Debug Window failed to center itself and could come up off the screen.

Peak Users Variable added to HTML Guide (Forgot to add this in the last revision, oops).
Listen URL added to HTML Guide (Allows for a Listen Now option from the Guide itself).

NSVx.Connect while connected or connecting causes exception, now connect can be used as "Reconnect." Useful if you change certain Server Flags and need to update the server with the changes.

NSVx Bitrate Information for Icecast updated to use standardized 1024 block size. This also ensures that header tag receives only a number.

Frame Tag crossing 1024 block doesn't get counted causing stream to fall ahead of realtime. (Will be fixed in NSVx 0.1.3).

Hopefully, I've fixed all the alignment issues with NSVx when it comes to realtime streaming. If all goes well with this release, I will release the latest version of NSVx 0.1.3. I know a few of you have downloaded the old version 0.1.1 but this version will be much better and has better support. The API changes from 0.1.1 and 0.1.3 aren't that hard to adapt to (and even easier if you've used 0.1.2). For the most part, the NSVx control has the same functions, just more of them. It also has 3 callback events that will signal a subroutine in your program when the number of users on the server has changed, an exception has occurred, and for Percent Completed. A full demo program will be included with NSVx to demonstrate its capabilities.
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