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Originally Posted by babboo View Post
currently all i use is H & spacebar
Find a good preset with fun shaders( first one that caught my eye was 'Flexi, martin + geiss - dedicated to the sherwin maxawow') Get to you special shader preset and Get all shaders Locked on. D button should be your friend. Backspace and H can make two presets dance with each other. ( here is a video i just made for you showing the shader lock with the above mentioned preset IN CASE you have not seen it before )

Maybe look on some Counterstrike(or whatever the popular PC shooter is out today) or league of legends egaming league forums for recording software? ? ? I think they do a lot of live streaming and recording, they should know the top rated software for such things. I totally would but im so lazy =/

Originally Posted by TheNewGeneration View Post
What you guys do is awesome! I need to learn soon as I fix my computer...died on me...hard drive broke...sonuvabitch...

Thanks for the compliment =).

HaHa, Last time i lost a hard drive(over 10 years ago thank goodness) I remember whipping my computer tower with its own power cable.
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