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Selective streaming 2 hours weekly?

Hi everyone.

I'm one of the hosts of the "nowlikephotographs" live radio program, currently broadcasting Monday evenings 8-10PM CST from Radio K (KUOM) in Minneapolis. We have produced and curated 7 years (anniversary on January 2nd) of programs featuring instrumental post-rock, ambient, modern classical, and electronica (and more), in-studio performances, etc etc.

We are parting ways soon with our host station, and want to continue a two-hour weekly live broadcast online, streamable from our website ( We are currently *not* interested in producing a 24/7 stream.

My question is this:

Is SHOUTcast a viable solution, such that we'd be paying for only what we needed?

If not, where should I go? Is there such a solution/service that provides exactly this?

Any info would be a BIG help, because we'd like to move fast to avoid any hiatus or dead air.

Thank you!

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