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Does Backup only Work for Some Connected Listeners but not Others?

I lose half my listeners each time the source disconnects so I presume they do not hear the backup mp3. Some agents seem to be robust (see list below)

Often they reconnect as soon as the source comes back online so for them I presume their agent is continuously trying a reconnect (therefore obviously not receiving the backup).

Seems to be the same problem regardless of v1 or v2 DNAS.

The following agents are robust:
  • WA2.8
  • WA5.63 and higher versions
  • iTunes Windows
  • iTunes Mac
The following keep trying and reconnect when the source returns:
  • NS4 (have occassionaly witnessed it stay connected even)
  • NS8
The following always disconnect:
  • NS12
  • iTunes Unix
The following are inconsistent:
  • VLC

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