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The key point is to make sure that M:\AUDIO\ has the rights set for MrSinatra to have full access. Then tick the boxes for those settings to be inherited downwards.

RIGHT CLICK the M:\AUDIO\ folder.
Click on the SECURITY tab
This now shows a summary of user rights for that folder.
Click on <ADVANCED> button
Now you can change the settings.
Click the EDIT button
Now select the users you want to change the rights for.
"Everyone" would be all users. Or pick "MrSinatra" for just you.
Once you have your settings correct - IMPORTANT STEP - TICK the "Replace all existing inheritable permissions on all descendants with the inheritable permissions from this object"
OK, OK, OK all the boxes until you get back to the folder.
You should get a window pop-up applying all of the new settings.

Yes, this seems odd, but it is really just applying the same user settings that have been around since the days of NT. Due to infections and badly coded programs too much crap ended up in too many places. This is now trying to coral you to your correct locations.

Yes, it is a pain, but from experience of my job I can tell you that it is working as it is making Win7 machines much easier to clean up after infection than old promiscuous XP.

If my above steps have not been clear enough, or not worked for you, then I can break them down a bit more.
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