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Originally Posted by MrSinatra View Post
these directions aren't working for me, here's what i do:

1. go to M:\AUDIO\music\Trish\rip project\ and right click it to get to properties
2. click the security tab
3. i can click "edit" or "advanced" and i click "advanced" as per your direction.
4. i am now stuck, i have no idea what to do here.

i need the dummies, step by step instructions. sorry and thx.
Okay.... the missing bits. I'll try a bit clearer (though still tricky without pictures). And I'll also assume that your two images show the before and after you are trying to deal with. I can also see I missed a step that would make things easier to understand.
1. go to M:\AUDIO\music\Trish\rip project\ and right click it to get to properties
2. click the security tab

First we need to add our Missing User "MrSinatra"
3. Click <edit> to bring up a list of who can access this folder.
4. As we don't see MrSinatra, click <ADD> to navigate a weird set of pages
5. Now press <Advanced...> to open the next page
6. Now press <Find Now>
7. Finally something recognisable. Locate your username from the list.
8. Hit OK to dismiss the list of users.
9. Now you see your name written into the box, hit OK.
10. Now you are back to a screen that looks like your screenshot, but importantly you can now select the user rights for each person listed.
11. Find your newly added user "MrSinatra", highlight it, then tick "FULL CONTROL" in the Allow column of the box at the bottom half of the screen.
12. Hit OK.

13. Now you should be back at your original security dialog box showing user rights. Now we can propagate these settings down the rest of the directory tree below.

14. From the security tab, hit <ADVANCED>
15. Hit <Edit>
16. Now tick the "Replace all existing inheritable permissions on all descendants with the inheritable permissions from this object"
17. Press OK and a message box pops up asking you to confirm the action. "This will replace explicitly defined permissions on all descendants of this object with inheritable permissions from Identities.". Press <YES>. If a lot of files need changing, then you will see a box pop-up here while the changes are carried out.
18. OK OK out of all the dialog boxes and you are done.

So, in summary, first we add the missing user MrSinatra. Next we set that user's rights to the folder. Finally we make sure those changes can propagate down to the folders below.

I am doing the above from memory. I'll grab an external drive and check this through for you shortly over a cup of coffee. (I'll have it done before sun-up on your side of the pond)

Edit: I have now checked this on an external drive, and slightly tweaked the instructions to include step 17 in more details.

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