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Hi, I can not tell much about the insides, I just made little changes to make it compatible to the new cpro2 architecture.

more info can be found on the original thread (maybe ask the original author):

EDIT: I attached the Source Code for animating the Vu meter,
but I do not have the skills to tune it. (I know a little bit C, but neither how to compile *.m files nor the 'well documented' Winamp API )
anyway you can find the complete source for coolvu in your winamp directory:
the interesting files are:
- Load\coolvu.xml (for cpro1)
- Load\v2\coolvu.xml (for cpro2)
- Data\CoolVu\* (the *.m files are the source files)
- cpro-widget-CoolVU.nsi (installer source file for the widget)

That's weird for me, the Icon shows correctly, see screenshot - Youtube Radio (buy me) - Contact Music & More
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