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There is a debug feature which you can use to write stuff to a file via the "debugstring()" Maki code. But with the latest versions of Winamp it has been causing problems. Winamp crashes with no error codes when I use it. It is not reproduceable in the Modern Skin, but is quite reproduceable in my skin. I had used it to optionally log the actions of the user. The idea is that this can be used to capture what music is actually played at a dance night.

As I understand the way that Maki works, it should not be possible to crash Winamp without getting an error message with some information about the Maki error. Since my skin has significantly more Maki code than the Modern skin, it is highly likely that either there has been a buffer overflow, or a memory location has been overwritten incorrectly. In other words there is a BUG in there somewhere which is difficult to locate.

The workaround has been to disable the logging feature for the latest versions, but this logging feature is very valuable to us. Sooooo

Has anyone else encountered this prolem?

Really a open/read/write/close set of functions in Maki would be highly desirable so we could put the information in a convenient place without using the debug features.

Of course if anyone wants to write a logging plug-ing that would be a super idea, but I doubt that there is much demand for it. It is mainly of use to us because we want to keep track of what is actually played each dance night, and not just have frequency statistics.

An alternative would be to have Winamp keep track of each played item by date and time with full records going back for a set time period. Then a sorted list could be made and printed as needed. I think the information may actually be kept, but I am not sure it can be accessed.
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