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Error creating time based view


Just reporting a small bug when trying to create a view using time. When setting time, I realized there were some problem when selecting some criteria for relative time.

I’m trying to create a view of what has been playing since midnight today. So I defined a view, with played last after midnight. But there is some issue trying to define the time for midnight today.

When selecting relative, origin option. I notice the date is 08/19/2015 14:27:59, which is the current time.

Then, select midnight as the time. I notice the date is changed to 08/16/2015 00:00:00. The time is correct, but the date is set to three days back.

After trying few things, select Year : 2015 instead of This Year, the date is changed to 08/19/2015 00:00:00, which is the time I want. But I guess this will only work for this year
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