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Originally posted by spiderbaby1958
The simpler a gui interface is, the less flexible and powerful, and the more clicking you have to do to accomplish a task. When you know how to use the command line, you can cut through a lot of gui "red tape".
Not so. You only have to look as far as MS products to see that they are the masters of flexable, powerful GUI design. Stating "more clicking" as a bad thing compared with remembering abstract commands off by heart and actually having to type them out exactly, precisly and without error in full sounds a bit scewed. I have yet to see any problem that cannot be implemented well in a GUI, now it may not have been but that's not the point when arguing against GUIs in general. Now I'll hapily argue that Linux is a terrible OS when it comes to it's developers creating decent GUIs. They are badly designed, inconsistent, confusing, non-intuitive and many many many other bad things that anyone that knows anything about GUI design could spot in less than 10 mins of using the system.

Having no GUI means there is no choice on what to use and is a close minded, isolationist and elitist position to take.

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