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Sound Mixer issue w/ Windows 7

Hey all--

I'm a little desperate and a little freaking out. My old xp puter took a dump, so we just bought a new one running on 7.

I'm a singer who webcasts over winamp, using the dsp plug in to mix my voice into the stream. With xp, this was simple. The sound mixer on the input tab always opened, we'd select the 'what you hear' option, and voila....voice and music.

I cannot get both things to broadcast simultaneously on 7. We can get my voice only choosing soundcard input on the input tab, or music only choosing winamp, but without being able to open the sound mixer, I don't know what to do.

Anyone familiar with this issue or know a way to circumvent it through the volume/sound settings on windows 7? I've been looking around on forums, but haven't found any concrete, helpful info. TIA to anyone who can help me.

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