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Youtube can do whatever it wants. It's a private company, not the government. They can and do pay some companies that are set up, if not exclusively, almost exclusively, to make false copyright claims.

The only thing you can do is get your own hosting. Then someone actually has to file a DMCA notice and swear to it. Then you have recourse.

Overall, I'll bet their system catches a lot more infringement than false positives. This is just the cost of free video hosting.

Expect that you will have to contest any video you upload to Youtube and you're on the right page.

Usually contesting a phony claim does work. I think a couple of these companies just take advantage of the fact people don't protest.

You might look up the recent case about Betty Boop. Some of this noise is about rights holders trying to reclaim public domain materials with trademarks or personality rights. The law says you can't do that. The courts now said it with authority.

Legal.. Smeagle ... doesn't really matter with Youtube. They can do whatever they want.
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