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You know what makes me highly suspect this whole business, and blow it off merely as propoganda (from the notoriously prolinux, antimicrosoft Slashdot, and scaremongering Register)? The self-interests of hardware manufacturers. Remember, we live in a capitalist society: businesses always look for profits, above all else, and in the computing world, a large number of units sold translates directly into profits. That means getting the largest market share possible. OEMs know that the majority of servers in the world run some variant of Unix. Corporate accounts form the largest share of profits... which chip manufacturer in their right mind would develop a chip that can run only one OS? They would risk business on a immense scale; over half of the world server market would be closed to them, completely. OEMs know that not all businesses rely on Windows... heck, I remember IBM once shipped a desktop system that ran a version of Linux. Believers of this insanely improbable, hateful, and severely skewed propaganda are seriously underestimating the intelligence of chip manufacturers.
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