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Microsoft can't seriously expect to sell anything that's NOT backward-compatible. Bill Gates is a smart man. He knows that just because a customer updates his/her version of Windows doesn't mean that he/she has stopped using all of his/her old documents and programs. The key to any successful computer program is compatiblity. If it won't play nice with what's already on a person's computer, what do you think the person will dump: new program or the other stuff?

I personally use Windows 98 and have no problem with it. All of the programs that I could have have need for are compatible with it. Windows ME and Palladium may screw up, but that's okay. I feel no need to upgrade; my fifty dollars can and will be spent elsewhere. (heard "Sim City 4" is about to come out, am very excited)

If Palladium comes out with all these bugs that you're describing, it will crash so quickly that everyone will be uploading their old 3.1 and '95 back-up's faster than Microsoft stock can dive. Either that, or lots of people will use it, but it'll be idiots who can't tell a LAN from their ass anyway, and we'll hack onto the Microsoft-controlled internet while they're wondering why their mp3's won't work. Either way, I'm not worried. "1984" would only happen if we all got lazy and let it.

Thanks for getting the word out about Palladium. People may be stupid, but I like to have faith in them anyway.
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