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Originally posted by spiderbaby1958
Well, I agree with Mr Baggins. Let's not make too much of this. Bill Gates would have to be incredibly greedy, delusional, evil and egomaniacal to think he could pull off such a thing...hmmm... Oh, shit!

OF COURSE they want to control everything! Is there anyone here who ISN'T named after a Hobbit who is surprised at this? It was only a matter of time before they would try to turn our PC's into telescreens, charging us exorbitant prices for our own enslavement. I think one of two things is going to happen:

1) Either the Microsaurus has finally bit off more than it can chew, and is taking its first lumbering steps toward extinction, or

2) The web community is going to split into two discrete communitites: the official, Microsoft community, and the wilder, unregulated web where all the good stuff happens. As for myself, I have decided: f**k Microsoft. (Hey there's something wrong with my keyboard, let me try that again FUCK MICROSOFT! (There, that's better.) Lately, I've been thinking of dabbling in Linux, but now I'm planning on making Mandrake Linux my primary OS, the sooner the better.

Some people are stupid. Computer people are not stupid. No individual in their right mind is going to install this filth into their computer, but some businesses certainly might, because businesses want to regulate communication. The thing is: individuals don't need to communicate with businesses to survive, but businesses need to communicate with indivduals to survive. If we can't use our our Macs and our Linux computers to order from, Amazon is the one that's going to starve to death. We're just to have to drive to Barnes and Noble, that's all. We have the power to say no to this, and if we don't, we deserve whatever we get.
just saw this post. exactly what i'm getting at! exactly. THEY need us, not the other way around. we'll not die without windows 2005, but Bill'll be buggered without our cash. it's an interesting idea; two internets, completely separate from each other. i know which one i'll be a part of:-)
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