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First of all, these cries of "THERE ARE GONNA BE 2 INTERNETS" is kinda useless, since that already exists (u know what i'm talking about, if not, try surfing IRC...) Furthermore, frankly, the federal circuit will burn Gates at the stake for this. Even if they don't, the internet underground will easily be able to cloak programs so that they will be undetectable or disguise them as file types different from what they are (check out the software Camoflauge, it's similar to what I'm talking about.) Also, remember, if Microsoft servers can't contact your computer, they can't monitor it, riiight? That's why you would get your firewalls to disallow Microsoft servers from getting axx to your comp. I mean, many may disapprove, but the internet underground will make sure Microsoft won't be able to take down the internet that easily. Not by a long shot. Anyways, it still is scary for mainstream users, but hey, if all does go that badly, we can always just resort to Linux... (I am pretty sure Mac will follow suit if Microsoft can pull this off, so I'm not going there)
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