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AMD & Intel

AMD and Intel havent signed exclusive deals to produce only pal compatiable chips they can still produce normal ones. Microsoft is taking a leap of faith really and i doubt it will pay off. If a pal system really wont talk to a non pal web server then anyone with pal is screwed cause 95% of web servers are running unix and 100% are run by comp lit people who know what they're doing and wont be "upgrading" to pal anytime soon even if they use a server version of win2k or xp at the current time. Even an un-comp lit person will quickly figure out whats going on when they call microsoft to ask why there mp3s wont work and get told that they're not legal. When they respond that they ripped them off a CD they own the tech rep will be forced to say "of sorry well windows pal couldn't tell that ur gonna need to rip em again" (which will mean buying a 50 buck ripping program cause shareware & freeware wont work) they will decide that its better to put there old os back on their system. AMD & Intel will have avoided lock-in deals cause if microsoft wants to sink itself thats fine with them but they dont wanna go down with em. They know if they're locked into pal systems some other chip company (probably motorola) will coem along and make non pal chips which everyone will buy to put their linux systems on (POWER TO LINUX!). The only way pal work is if everyone starts using it and doesn't quit and thats not happening anytime soon. Oh and u gotta rember that pal wont know the differance between copying between systems and copying a file localy so unless u dont have the right to copy files with copyrights on ur own system u can still trade mp3s and crap aslong as they were ripped on a pal system. oh and this thing about not beingable to build applications that use microsoft's file formats is crap. U cant copyright a file format (basically what they are trying to do) its just one of those things u cant copyright (well unless they changed somethin) otherwise people like microsoft would have done it along time ago. /me goes away to rest hands in bowl of cold water
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