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Winamp crashes on selecting plugins or closing in Windows 8.1

Hi all, glad to see that is still up and running. Anyway, I had been having lots of issues with Winamp crashing on my new Window 8.1 machine, which would happen when selecting various plugins, or shutting down with them active.

But I did figure out the problem - I installed Winamp in the default folder of C:\Program Files (x86)\Winamp. Microsoft, not trusting users or programs to make changes to that folder, even simple ones like .ini files, locked it up with some rather annoying and hard to disable security permissions. It's like Microsoft tried really hard to make old programs break so they'd buy updated ones.

So I reinstalled Winamp to C:\Winamp and everything worked perfectly. Hope this helps - and keep this in mind for any other "old-school" programs you want to install. Make your own "Program Files" folder to avoid at least some of these compatibility issues.
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