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it sounds like you're describing the Bento skin. as such, the box in the top right is the main playlist editor and what you're referring to as the 'main window' is the library window (with other skins the position of the windows would typically be different) and specifically the library playlists.

the feature Aminifu is referring to is shipped with Winamp, you just have to ensure it's enabled on the user interface section of the components page during install.

by default, Winamp will scroll the current item in the main playlist editor into view. it will not do so for the library playlists as they have zero knowledge of what is going on with respect to Winamp's playback (hence no auto-scrolling or highlighting of the currently playing item if it is present in the playlist being viewed). it is something which has been on the wishlist for quite a long time so doesn't guarantee it appearing as an addition in say a 5.7 beta in the near future...
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