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I didn't see your reply until now (thread subscription fail).

Currently I have an open-source plugin project named Lyrik (svn) written in Visual Basic 6, and I pretend to release next version (2.x) in C#.

Actually I can use managed C# to do this job, I just need a dll wrapper as I used in Lyrik 1.x versions (VB6 is managed only too), but then I'll loose certain functions, like the possibility of embedded window.

In Winamp SDK we can find some simple examples written in C++. I did try something using your Template for Unmanaged Exports Project, but the best I got was a winamp crash.
I really got lost with some differences, like how to handle hWnd in C#
I made some tests using Unmanaged Exports, generated simple dll and then used VB6 API calls to test it, all worked fine, I guess it's only a matter of time (and "time") to make it work.
All code I had try was only for testing purposes, and I lost it somewhere between format and raid problems... As soon as possible I'll code more, and I'll appreciate if you can help me out.

Thanks for the reply, and good luck with motorola & android, thank goodness I bought a LG one

See ya,
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