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Originally Posted by sciencequeen View Post
Except that it doesn't seem to save my ratings most of the time
it depends on the audio file and whether you have the media library installed and if the action was able to update it. you can also in current Winamp releases save the ratings directly into the files if Preferences -> Media Library -> Library Options -> 'Save ratings to file for compatible formats (default: off)' and check that option. then you'd need to use a smartview to filter all library results by their star rating and re-rate them (i.e. select all and re-select the rating via the right-click menu).

additionally depending on the skin you are using will determine if changing the rating will or won't update in certain 'live' information areas.

Originally Posted by sciencequeen View Post
it would be nice to be able to sort my playlist based on the stars I give the track.
not possible natively and i'm not aware of any 3rd party plug-ins which would do it either.

Originally Posted by sciencequeen View Post
If I hit "shuffle", does it play the higher rated tracks more frequently?
nope as that's just not how Winamp's shuffle feature has ever worked going back all of the years it has been around.

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