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Originally Posted by sciencequeen View Post
... it would be nice to be able to sort my playlist based on the stars I give the track. ...
If you have rated your files in the media library, then you can use a customized ATF title string to put the file's rating at the beginning of the song title used in the playlist editor. Then you can use the editor's 'misc - sort - by title' option to sort the playlist.

The string could look like this: %rating% - %artist% - %title%.

I use a similar ATF string to allow sorting by BPM. I can not test this suggestion because I don't use ratings, but it should work. I only store songs in my collection that I either like or really like (4 or 5 stars), so have no need for an explicit rating.

Yes, the customized title would look strange until you get used to it. With the skin I use, the customized title only showed up in the playlist editor and on the taskbar. DrO has made an excellent plug-in for overriding the default and let you customize what is shown on the taskbar. I use it to display artist, title, and genre on the taskbar. Link below.

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