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Question on the NEW DSP in the works

Originally Posted by WowMachine View Post
I finally loaded this update last night and have been experiencing this exact problem ever since.

Was there ever a fix for it or do I need to roll back to the old DSP to get it to work right again?

Thanks for any attention.
From another thread:

Originally Posted by DJ Egg View Post

A forthcoming version of the DNAS will have more flexible options, i.e. tone trigger support and a pause feature to return listeners back to the same spot, but for now it's best to go with the 120 sec trigger files containing music / PA's / idents / other ads / etc.

Best to use the support form or email address, and include all the details etc.

I'm still using v2.3.3 [build 201] because of the issues with the newest dsp playing my files of varying bitrates at crazy speeds or constantly buffering.

Will this new DSP address that? (or was the issue I'm describing indicative of a flaw in my setup, and the dsp works fine now?)

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