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Originally Posted by chicanez View Post
Thanks but a laptop is too clunky!

I am doing that now but Winamp on Android is pretty limited and restricted when it comes to playlists.

Fair point re being OTT, but I would manipulate the playlist before leaving so I can add tracks easily (but not on my PC), and add the occasional song at the lights of course. The irony is that the existing systems with touch screens require more input as the songs are stored in alphabetical order. I'm also anti-IPhone before anyone suggests those.

I know I must sound prety fussy but I've been using Winamp for many years (since the mid-90s?) and was hoping that maybe in 2011 a known brand had come out with a Windows-based player.

I hear ya, it seems all car audio head units are geared toward ipod ipod ipod. I have been reading extensively looking for some sort of car audio unit that can do what winamp does with the "enqueue" feature. Considering the big makers like KW,alpine,JVC, on charge 500-1000 dollars plus for these double din DVD players you would think they would have developed some sort of media player capable of doing what winamp does with the enqueue setup. The closest option would probably be using Ipod and its "on the go" feature to create a working playlist. But that would require having to use a dreaded Ipod. I would much rather use an external 300gig HD in the glove box hooked via usb. Then use a nice in dash media player similar to winamp capable of sorting using the labeled ID3 tags and giving you the option to simply search through your media and select the file to go next on deck. Therefore as you think of a song or even a whole cd you can just find it and click to add it to your working playlist. It also would give you all the awesome abilities that winamp does to scroll back and see what you have played, move songs up or down on the queue, etc,etc, . Is that to much to ask for ...?? If anyone knows anyone making a unit that can do this without having to use a laptop please pass it on.
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