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Originally Posted by MrSinatra View Post
the good news is that winamp does accept 3rd party plugins, and so there is a chance to enhance winamp outside of its core development. that's a lot more than most software allows. yes, it would be nice to see these things natively, but they are niche and they aren't the priority.
Sorry but the plugin system is standard to any renown media player out there. Foobar, Media Monkey, Kodi (XBMC)... even Windows Media Player supports plugins. That's the problem with Winamp: The Winamp team might think that they have got something that nobody else has to offer. Unfortunately that's not the case. Now there is a chance to revitalize Winamp, to distinguish it from other players out there by taking into consideration features that have long been desired by faithful Winamp users. Such a player could even be sold. Not to the big masses but to enthusiasts who care about Winamp and prefer it over the mainstream players like Itunes. That's the target group of Winamp. It's just not realistic to try to compete with the big players like Apple. But it does not seem the new owners are making use of that opportunity.

Originally Posted by MrSinatra View Post
maybe you can find some devs who did or do make output plugins to do ASIO or WASAPI ones, or make their code open source, so someone else can work on it?

one thing I would like to see, which I think would really turn the tide and help incentivize and monetize plugin development, is a "winamp store" where users could buy in-app improvements from winamp or 3rd party devs and extend the core free features of winamp. that seems really fair to me. of course, that's a tall order, and it would need to be clear that the upfront investment would eventually pay off. the store could sell music and software too of course, not just plugins, so kinda ripping off the iTunes model, but hey, its successful, so why not?
That's a big problem. The plugin system would be nice if there was any development. But there isn't and that's because a lot of former enthusiasts who once were willing to invest time into developing plugins for Winamp have now moved on to other players because during the last few years there was hardly any development with Winamp. Just take a look at the available plugins. A lot of them were last updated in the early 2000's, that was the time of Windows XP and 32 bit CPU's. Most of those plugins do not work anymore or are buggy at best.

Look, I really would like to conclude this discussion since it is leading nowhere. This is not about me beeing pissed off because the devs refuse to take into consideration my wish for ASIO support. LIke I wrote there are other players out there that do the trick for me. But it is kind of sad to see Winamp going nowhere and wishes of longtime users being ignored rather than being at least considered for implementation.
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