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New here- I have some questions

Hello. I am a singer-songwriter, and I wish to stream songs over Shoutcast. I've registered on the Shoutcast website, then I downloaded and installed DNAS. Then,I oppened the port 8000, and when I tried to run setup.bat, at the end of the configuration, the last page wasn't loading. So, I manually created a sc_serv.conf file, where I added values for password and adminpassword. After that, I installed BUTT (Broadcast Using This Tool) then added the stream info. I successfully connected BUTT with DNAS, using adress, and I could hear the sound by pressing the play button. Now, how to stream over to the internet ?
I've tried the method discussed here:

But still, the link was not working.

Now, I got the Authash from the website, and added it to the server. If I make the stream public, could it be heard in the Shoutcast dirrectory ?

Also, I have seen on the Shoutcast website that the server could be hosted by the staff for free. What are the conditions ? Can anyone apply for a free server ?
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