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Troubleshooting Issues With Bugged, Saved Preset Mash-Ups

I'm running Milkdrop 2 in WinAMP 5.8.

After deleting all of the presets I did not like, I mashed them up and saved the mash-ups with specific names. I then "upgrade(d) the preset's pixel shader version" to 4 since it seemed to improve the quality of the visualization, and moved all of my saved presets to a new directory. All of the saved preset mash-ups were loading fine until I moved them to a new directory; after I moved them, loading them would result in Milkdrop's image freezing until I loaded an unmash-upped preset. I then moved the presets back--no change. Pressing escape while one of the bugged presets is loaded freezes Milkdrop entirely.

Can anyone help? I don't want to have to rebuild all of my mash-ups from scratch, and I don't want to encounter this issue again.
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