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Just my opinion, here. It's not an 'issue' per se, more of a "redistribution" of existing ads towards available slots where they can go.

Suppose this scenario: I, mini-TargetSpot, have 10 different advertisers in the United States, with an allotment of 5,000 impressions/day through mini-Radionomy. In the past there were 2,000 radios with nearly 100,000 slots to distribute these daily ads; now there are more than 25,000 with audiences probably reaching 20x what I had. The audio ads can't cope with these many distribution spots, hence all old-timers will see a substantial decrease in allocations, which is fine in the perspective that ad-bucks are not as reliable as the stream content.

I'm pretty sure in the near future we'll see some more changes in pricing, CPM, and ToS because of the new broadcasters big influx and an even bigger audience. The bottomline is that you don't get allocations 'discarded', so you'll keep a perfect 100% in distribution. Focus profit in what matters most: delivering quality content to your niche and promoting your radio locally.

Stay tuned!

I have no ties to Radionomy/TargetSpot in any way. My posts/replies are my own so any advice I can give, try at your own risk.
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