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Plug In 2.0 problems


I work tech support for a CDN, and we have several clients who are stating that they are unable to connect with the legacy setting checked.

We've installed the plugin v2 on several of our workstations and are also are unable to connect.

On the server side, we're running SHOUTcast Version 1.9.8/Linux.

Tailing the logs, we see an <11/24/10@15:26:12> [source] connected from entry pop up each time we attempt to get he plugin to connect. However, we're not seeing any indication in the logs that the source connection has (been) dropped, even though it has. We've tested on several servers and I get the same result for each.

From what I see here, it looks like you're getting feedback from others having the same trouble. But I don't see a solution posted anywhere. Any ideas?

We'd like to be able to recommend to our clients that they use plugin v2, but can't do so until we know for sure that it works as close to 100% as possible.
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