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sc_trans system startup

Hi, I have a script in /etc/init.d/ that loads sc_trans with the configuration file. It loads fine, but I noticed that it's now not about to locate the calendar.xml file. I read in the documentation that calendarfile could be used.

I specified calendarfile in the sc_trans.conf by using

However, My log file is saying this:
PHP Code:
2011-01-17 21:27:34    I    msg:[TRANSCastDNAS/posix(linuxv b  (Dec 12 2010starting up...
2011-01-17 21:27:34    I    msg:[MAINPID44243
-01-17 21:27:34    I    msg:TimeMultiplier 1  TimeShift 0
-01-17 21:27:34    E    msg:[CALENDARMGRCould not load calendar file (calendar.xmlcould not open file
Any ideas?

It's able to load my music, so I'm not sure why it's having difficulties with my calendar.xml

EDIT: If I go and run sc_trans by using the default way of starting it by doing ./sc_trans sc_trans_demo.conf or whatever, the calendar.xml loads only when I don't have the calendarfile specified (or as the default location). However if I don't have it specified and try the /etc/init.d/sc_trans start
method of running it, it can't find the calendar.xml. I'm on Debian Lenny.

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