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Originally Posted by Gambler71 View Post
-Winamp 5.621-

I use SMART VIEW and sort my albums via CATEGORY (also called Grouping or Contentgroup). I have used mp3tag to make the tags with simple names like ROCK / SOFT / CLASSICAL etc.

All of my MP3 files and M4A files show up under the proper Smart View Category using the Contentgroup tag.

However, the FLAC files do not show up under Smart View (except for the winamp default Audio smart view category [which is set to show all music]). This says to me that WinAmp is not reading the Contentgroup tag as Category (as MP3 and M4A do). However, it will read a "CATEGORY" tag (a non-standard tag that I have not used in any other software) as Category, so one has to be made up for them [I know this can be done with WinAmp].
Your post indicates that you have configured Mp3tag to write the "Category" tag that Winamp successfully reads for MP3 and M4A files.
To write the corresponding tag for FLAC files you could use the mapping dialogue in Mp3tag.

I tried to attach a screenshot but that failed (what else is new?). Look here or use this description:
In Mp3tag, open the mapping dialogue and add a new user-defined field mapping by filling the columns of a new row as follows; under Tag enter VorbisComment, under Source enter Category, under Target enter ContentGroup.

Now, you will be able to write the ``Category`` tag for FLAC files, using the same methods you use for MP3`s and M4A`s, to the location that Winamp expects. They should now be sorted correctly by ``Category`` in any Smartview.

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