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A Clockwork Orange
Monty Python's Quest for the Holy Grail
Stand By Me
Rear Window
The Treasure of Sierra Madre

and The Manchurean Candidate, which I've seen as many times as it takes to pick up all the little bits or weirdness.

Incidentally, Many of the greatest movies of all time are in Black and white, it's almost better, they had to flatter you with plot instead of special effects. I admit, the Matrix is good, but not the greatest, and is a dimond in a junkyard. Where that movie is decent on all levels, you must understand that special effects weren't always necessary for a good movie.
Take Fight Club or American Beauty or Clockwork Orange. With minimal special effects, these movies are excellent. Those are the movies I strive to watch, despite having a large spot in my heart for The Matrix.

Go read a book without pictures
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