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No such file or directory error on startup

I apologize if this in the wrong place or format, but I'm stumped.

I have a Shoutcast 2 server up and running on a VPS just fine, but have run into trouble attempting to install a second Shoutcast 2 server on another similar VPS. I can't get the danged thing to start.

sc_serv reads the config file just fine, but then reports a missing file or directory:

2011) starting up...
2013-07-25 21:06:13 I msg:[MAIN] PID: 6607
2013-07-25 21:06:13 I msg:[MAIN] Loaded config from sc_serv_basic.conf
2013-07-25 21:06:13 I msg:[MAIN] Calculated CPU count is 1
2013-07-25 21:06:13 I msg:[MAIN] Starting 1 network threads
2013-07-25 21:06:13 E msg:No such file or directory
2013-07-25 21:06:13 I msg:[MAIN] Runner shutdown
2013-07-25 21:06:13 I msg:<***> Logger shutdown

I've researched this until I'm blue in the face, with no resolution.

This particular VPS is running CentOS 6.4 x64 and the Shoutcast DNAS is version

Could a kind soul give me any suggestions on where to go to further research this?

Thanks so much in advance!
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