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It could one or more of the following:
  • You're bookmarking the direct url of the station instead of a stationid url and vice versa and it's changed
  • The station moved to a different server / hosting provider and so the IP address changed
  • The station changed the bitrate / format of the stream which causes the stationid to change
  • They weren't listed for over 30 days and so get a new stationid (if bookmarking a stationid)
  • The station has stopped broadcasting or only broadcasts at specific times of the day / week / month as applicable
  • It's a bug with the SHOUTcast platform and someone has had to manually 'fix' things which causes things to change
  • The name / genre / other details about the station changed which can cause it to get a new stationid
  • The station / host providing the server for the station won't update to a v2 setup to allow for the stationid to remain the same (in relation to most of the points above) or to properly provide a DNS entry instead of an IP address only entry
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