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Indeed it has nothing to do with the Shoutcast part
its obviously about the auto-dj included in Centova (its called "auto-dj" also)
which can take some time to fully understand
and it does have crucial bugs also...for example their "random" function is a mess
its random allright but it will only play 70% from whats on the it
repeats in random the same 30 % is never played (skipped) me that is a
very important scandalous bug that they dont even want to admit.

Ofcourse you dont want to have a radiostation that dont play 30% of what you want it to Centova´s random function ruins dont use it.

Ofcourse that brings you to the dillemma that your auto-dj will play everything allways in the same order...which gets very boring after a few weeks...cause your listeners already know what is next.

* Solution 1:

Reorder the tracks in your playlists every few weeks.

* Solution 2:

Create at least 10 general playlists
Give them the same "weigth" (3,3,3,3,3,3,3,3,3,3)
Make shure that they hold a slightly different number of tracks (80,90,86,75...etc),
that will cause some randomness,

* Solution 3

Same as solution 2 but in addition use slightly different wieigth´s for the lists
(3,2,3,3,4,3,3,4,2,3,3) that will create additional semi randomness.

* Solution 4 (best)

Use both solution-1 and solution-2 and solution-3

Test everything by ripping (streamripper) and saving (with time and file names) everything for as many days untill they have all played 3 times...and see if they all played evenly
and on different times.

cpanda if you come back i could share some ideas
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