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The "auto-dj" is either ices, ices-cc or the shoutcast transcoder, depending on what you chose during setup. Centova doesn't use their own software, all the playlist page in it does is create a script for the above named software to use.
In case of sc_trans v2 it would write info into the calendar.xml and create playlist files - so basically it's a GUI for something you can also do editing playlist files and the calendar.xml (see

As you said you use Centova with built in FTP which means it's CentovaCast v3 beta. From what I've heard CC 3 playlist scheduling works well with sc_trans2 but as DrO said we don't know from your post which one you actually use. If you use ices or ices-cc (a patched ices version from Centova, to be prefered over the original one which lacks a couple of things) CC would use a different way of scripting the schedule and in this case you'd have to open a thread in their forum - there are still a lot of bugs in it.
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