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what version ?

might be a difficult question cause in centova-software itself
it doesn´t mention a version number at all...nowhere!
That is so redicioulous also...and tells you how chaotic they are.

My guess its still V2 cause V3 is not out for large scale use
i suppose cpanda is not using his own but a externally hosted shoutcast-service
and these are all still on V2.


> "The "auto-dj" is either ices, ices-cc or the shoutcast transcoder"

You cant say that "auto-dj = ices" or "autodj = shoutcast" ...its not !
it has nothing to do with shoutcast...its a separate (pre)process.

The auto-dj in Centova is a Centova-made part in the Centova-panel
the Centova-autodj is their own software !

Shoutcast has nothing to do with the Autodj in Centova
therefore you cant solve Centova´s Autodj problems trough Shoutcast
the only ones that can solve it is Centova...and knowing them that might take untill 2020.

So all you can do is avoid using options that dont work/are-bugged.
It looks like they have stopped updating V2 for years and V3 is not really available yet
so those that use 3rd party shoutcast-hosting have to do with a crippled and bugged
version-2 thas is badly supported and with bugs that were not solved or even admitted for years.

Actually the best place to solve this playlist/autodj issues would be on the Centova forum
but i know from own experience that that forum is badly maintained if not manipulated with the purposes of not having to admit their bugs.

But cpanda´s problem to me sounds like he has not fully understood
the various options for the playlist-scheduler...which is easy cause its not very intuitive and it contains bugs.
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