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I've been following the CentovaCast v3 beta for some months now and checking their forum on a daily basis. v3 can be obtained by anyone willing to try it out and a purchased licence works. v2 is pretty dead because they've been working for almost 2 years on a complete rewrite, v3 has not much to do with what v2 has under the hood.
v2 doesn't come with integrated FTP so cpanda is using v3.

The "auto-dj" page in CC is, as I said, nothing but a GUI. The actual work is being done by other software, like ices or sc_trans.
IF cpanda chose sc_trans v2 he can check the calendar.xml and check for errors there. Which should then be repordeted in the CC v3 beta forum so they can work on their scripting.

Regarding the CC forum/support: They have gotten WAAAY better in the last few months and really answer bug/problem threads in the beta forum.

@DJ Mambito
Before you start arguing with me again, please take a day (much to read) and read up on v3 and what happens in the beta forum or even give it a test run so you have a solid base of information.

Question still goes: What did you choose as auto-dj at the account creation?
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