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Keyboard shortcuts not working in 5.8

The other day I completely wiped my Windows 10 Pro, and my entire computer, and reinstalled it. When I went to get Winamp back I saw that 5.8 was available so I downloaded that.

Previously I only used three keyboard shortcuts, J to open the "Jump to file" search, CTRL-A for "Stay on top" (or not), and Q to have a selected song in my playlist be queued next. When I did a Jump to file search, I'm pretty sure I could right click the file and queue it from there.

Now with 5.8 the Q key and the right click is non-functional. Even if I right click in the playlist the 'queue this song' option seems to be missing.

Am I having a senior moment and these functions are elsewhere, or need to be enabled? I didn't see anything in the Global Hotkeys preferences page.

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