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Originally Posted by Aminifu View Post
Hi thinktink,

I just discovered that X-Fade prevents Winamp from playing CDs. Winamp just cycles thru each song on a CD when it tries to play them. Winamp (or Windows) generates a "CD drive is in use" message prior to each track (acknowledging each message allows Winamp to advance to the next track).

Is this a known limitation?
You're still using CDs?! That's soooo 5000BCs...

Kidding aside, no, this was not a known limitation, but it is now. However, I don't know if CD drives would be able to decode audio tracks simultaneously anyway, which is what's required for X-Fade to be able to crossfade playback.

I just had a look at the CDA input plugin and it seems that it should at least play 1 track at a time. And if an input plugin's transcoder functions cannot provide decoded file audio data then X-Fade should be failing back to a man-in-the-middle plugin and I'm a bit surprised it's not.

Do me a favor and open X-Fade's configuration window and then click the [Plugins...] button. In the "Input Plugins" dialog window that opens up click the [File] button then select a CDA track from your CD drive. Then copy-paste the results from the big box beneath in your next post.

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