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Album washer problem

getting quite on my nerves and messing up my music data, the album washer used to work amazing, but i had to get a new phone and reinstall winamp and all that, also did all the upgrades and now album washer dosent work, as in it loads the right mp3 tag data with the right album art work and i click save and it say saveing data and etc but after wards it changes the album name to music, and puts the art work as a slipknot album , dose this to any song i try, including one song or a album, and i ve tried to reinstall it and everything, i am running the latest winapp and ICS 4.0.4, not rooted, sprint epic 4g
It saves the album name as music (2007) and the art work to a slipknot cover even though at after it analyzes the song shows the correct metadata and artwork to save, and both are checked with green arrows
oh also, in the play queue the song names are in like Chinese, but when u click on it and lsiten to the song dose show the correct song name
this is a very weird error/glitch

Thank you for yalls help
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