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Transcoding instructions for Portable Players/Devices/Drives

To do the same when transferring/syncing with portable players...

Go to: Winamp -> Prefs -> Portables -> (Your Device) -> Transcoding tab

Checkmark "Enable Transcoding of incompatible tracks"

In the "Format" drop-down, select the Encoder of your choice,
then set it to "Highly Preferred" (via the drop-down menu to the right).

You can set all other Encoders to "Do not use", to disable them.

To re-encode compatible formats (e.g. if the files you are transferring are large, but you're limited for free space on the device), then click the "Advanced Settings" button, and checkmark "Force transcoding of compatible tracks if the bitrate is over x kbps".

If you set the value to e.g. 180, then all compatible files with a (average or constant) bitrate of more than 180 will also be transcoded.

Again, note that the MP3 Encoder is only available in Winamp Pro.
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