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Embedded AlbumArt is not hold when sync with MTP device(with format converting).

I am using Winamp desktop to manage music files and playlists android device using USB MTP connection. (Of course, I am using winamp for android!)
It is very nice for me, but I want to improve one behavior.

I am using unsupported format of android with embedded AlbumArt on my desktop PC (like attached file: wma). To sync my PC library with my android device using USB MTP connection, files are converting without embedded AlbumArt to supported format of android.

When I use "format converter", files are converting with embedded AlbumArt.

If android sync can converting with AlbumArt, it is very very nice for me!

For your reference, I am developing input plugin (tta).
Using my input plugin, svc_albumArtProvider->GetAlbumArtData() is not called when converts to USB MTP device.
svc_albumArtProvider->GetAlbumArtData() is called when converts using "format converter".
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