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Optional Installation

Hi Folks,

Me, again!

I'm enjoying using NSIS and have (with Anders' help) been quite successful. I now have a little installation program which can install the main components of a compiler on to a target machine and set a couple of environment variables. I have tested the resultant compiler and all works just fine. Brilliant.

Now I want to add some optional files to the installation. So, I added another 3 sections underneath the SectionEnd of the one which was working well. These other fiels/directories are in the same directory as those I can successfully install, so there should be no access issues. I am using the "/o" option to the Section header.

Here's one of them:

Section /o "OpenSrc"
SectionIn 1 RO

SetOutPath "$INSTDIR"
; Put these file there
File /r OpenSrc

These optional items appear in the "Choose Component" dialog when I run the installer, but the check boxes are greyed-out and cannot be selected to indicate I want to install them.

Here's what it looks like:

I'd be grateful for any help.

Many thanks
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